Texas Car Accident Statistics [+ Infographic]

We’ve scoured the databases of government agencies including TxDOT and their CRIS database and annual crash reports, NHTSA, and others to find the most recent and accurate car accident statistics.

Find out information on Texas drivers like how many car accidents occur per year, how many car accident injuries there are each year, what percent of drivers wear a seatbelt, and more. The source for each data point is linked.

infographic of car accident statistics for the state of texas

Texas Car Accident Statistics

There were 559,340 car accidents in Texas in 2023.1 That’s an average of 1,532 accidents per day. Just over 1 accident per minute.

In 2022, there were 4,481 fatalities from car accidents in Texas.2 This translates to approximately 12 people dying in car accidents every day in Texas and one death every 1 hour and 55 minutes.

In 2022, 244,092 people were injured in car accidents in Texas.3

18,880 people sustained a serious injury from a car accident in Texas in 2022.4

In Texas in 2023 crashes resulted in: .7% fatality, 30.3% non-fatal injury.5

Seatbelt safety in Texas

10% of Texans do not wear a seatbelt while driving.6

Seatbelts reduce the risk of dying by 45% for people in the front seat of passenger cars. For people in pickup trucks, seatbelts reduce the risk of dying by 60%.7

You are 30x more likely to be ejected from the car if you are not wearing your seat belt.8 4 out of 5 people ejected from a car do not survive.

Causes of car accidents in Texas

The top 3 causes of all car accidents in Texas in 2022 were speeding, distracted driving, and careless driving.9

The top 3 causes of fatal car accidents in Texas in 2022 were drunk driving, speeding, and careless driving.9

Driver inattention led to over 30% of all all car accidents in 2022.9

In 2022, nearly one in three crashes on Texas roads were caused by a distracted driver.9

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